Real Estate Data Feed

Andrew Craig Estate Agents are one of the North East’s leading independent Estate Agents, with an established reputation for delivering a high level of customer service. Andrew has been a client of ours ever since the internet took off. Over the years there have been many renditions and evolutions of the website, with the latest development giving them the very latest technologies and benefits of a total content management system (CMS) allowing them to maintain site content.

The website includes a specialized real estate content management system with realtor related functions and capabilities, customer service applications and location mapping systems all integrated with their internal property database system with a regular scheduled data sync.  The system incorporates both property sales and property rentals as the agency deals with both sides of real estate.

The website design incorporates mobile friendly as this is more essential for real estate than perhaps any other business. SEO services are also part of our package while the social media is handled inhouse. There are further plans to continue to develop th website's capabilities for CRM and other aspects of the business.