Betsy | Sedona

Betsy has been in advertising and marketing for over 25 years, collaborating with brands on creating strategic marketing plans incorporating measurable results, branding initiatives, media plans, sales promotions and account specific marketing. Her background also includes creative development, copywriting, print production and photo shoot producer.

Betsy is passionate about animals specifically wolves and advocates tirelessly on their behalf.  This passion led to the creation of Plan B to Save Wolves (The Plan B Foundation Inc.), a nonprofit organization that supports other organizations in their mission to protect, preserve and rescue wolves through advocacy, education and funding.

Plan B's services include marketing and fundraising plan development and execution to help wolf nonprofit groups generate awareness of their mission, cultivate donors and create a sustainable stream of revenue. These services are offered as an in kind donation as Betsy's vision is to utilize her expertise in these areas to help those who help wolves.  Plan B also maintains a fund for emergent needs. Funds are distributed to wolf groups and sanctuaries for situations such as vet care, rescue, transport, and legal/advocacy matters. 

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