Batch image software

Software developed by our development team, specifically our very own R2 launched today with its own e-commerce enabled website. The website system incorporates voucher redemption codes for existing users and upgrades as well as special online affiliate offer programs.  All the licensing key systems are also operated within the website database systems. An exciting web development project at the same time as the software development itself.

  • imagisizer PRO handles multiple files, folders and file types all at once
  • batch image resizing
  • multiple files/folder processing
  • multiple file type handling
  • multiple size/file type output
  • compression, filters and effects
  • batch watermarking

Imagisizer Pro has a host of new features developed to further enhance the already powerful software. In addition to speeding up and generally improving the image processing power, there are now an additional range of effects and filters you can add, within the package.