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We attach Analytics to the sites we build as it’s a useful (and free) way of measuring the success of the website. It is particularly useful if used in conjunction with search engine optimization (SEO) programmes and social media management (SMM). For further information email

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Summer saw things really hotting up and despite a dismal performance from England in the World Cup.

A major new project which involved further development of our new MVC based CMS (content management system) saw the completion of a flexible e-commerce module to add to the news/events/blog and account modules already developed. There are already a number of additional website projects we're working on now which will benefit from this new e-commerce facility.

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We continue to see a big increase in online marketing, making the most of your website, using search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMM) and email blasts. It's important to collect and build a database of clients followers as well as building your social audience on the likes of FaceBook, Twitter and Google+

When looking at SEO for clients we research the actual search phrases which are most effective, a balance of reasonably high volumes and reasonably low competition as this exercise is not all about the vanity of being number one for the number one phrase but providing cost effective volumes of relevant traffic to your website.



A new website and e-commerce management system was developed from the ground up for the Sedona local, Dick Sutphen. The system includes MP3 file downloads and also communicated with their fulfilment company for CD/DVD orders using and XML feed.


The development is ongoing with further elements being introduced to the site and the system itself in a number of phases. This staggered development allows the website itself to go live quicker with the essential elements while further features are added as they become available. Planned additions are the automated newsletter facility, to keep followers up to speed with events and new products as they are released.

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For those back in the UK who aren't familiar with the Javelina, they're a desert dwelling critter. Here's a family group in the back yard, they seem to eat just about everything!

peccary (or javelina and skunk pig; Portuguese javali and Spanish jabalísajino or pecarí) is a medium-sized > mammal of the family Tayassuidae, or New World pigs



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