Website design partnership spanning 25 years.

Probably the most significant relationship during our time on the world wide web has been the numerous projects that we have worked on with our associate Clifford Rosen. Clifford, art director/designer, and I teamed up in 1995 when he saw the potential of the new media for his client base and over time this has included sports and TV personalities as well as rock stars and major blue chip companies. We still host and maintain over a dozen websites with Clifford.

Rosen Design Consultants and Studio 5 have enjoyed working together on more than a hundred projects spanning a quarter of a century. From rock stars to global banks, TV and sports personalities to famous brands - the projects have covered all manner of websites and marketing campaigns. It would be rude not to name a few:

  • Citibank
  • Valentino
    Marketing DVD
  • Zurich Insurance
    Marketing Training DVD
  • Nick Faldo
    Golf Course Design
  • Jim McCarty
    The Yardbirds
  • Kirstie Allsop
    TV Presenter