CMS content management systems

Recognizing the need for clients to manage their websites on a day-to-day basis, Studio 5 created a proprietary Content Management System (CMS). The system is built to give you what you need and can be utilized on more than one website and more than one application at a time.

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Website administrators are able to manage their websites with the straightforward functionality of the CMS. The user friendly interface and a word processing type text entry facility allows flexibility in how to best display your product ranges and services. For example, with a click of a button, the CMS will notify your clients of any product updates via the newsletter subscription functions.

This product is a comprehensive website content management system, conceived, designed and developed over the years to offer reliability and flexibility, while providing all the features you are most likely to require. It has been designed to be modular, thereby enabling its advanced set of content management functionality to be augmented by integrating other, more specialized features such as those required for e-commerce.

While you are in control Studio 5 recognizes there may be times when additional support is required and we are available to assist when needed.