Studio 5 launched in 1991 as a marketing and design agency and recognized the power of the internet in 1995 ahead of some of the larger companies one might expect to embrace such technology like Microsoft themselves. From the beginning Studio 5 understood the future significance and impact the Internet would have on how businesses go to market as well as the impact on the world at large. Immersing ourselves in website development and programming as well as understanding online trends and behaviors has provided insights and experience rivaled by few.

our expertise is exponential

As the Internet grew so did Studio 5, with an expansion of services including the creation of proprietary content management systems, ecommerce, SEO, Web Systems and mobile app development. Additionally, understanding online efforts need to be integrated into an overall marketing plan, Studio 5 has developed strategic relationships with other marketing partners to create a portfolio of agency services for our clients.

But it is not just all about building websites and mobile apps—it is really about building trust. So much so that when asked, “What do we do?” our response is “We build relationships first so that we may build your brand and grow your business together”.

long term relationships

25 years later Studio 5’s manifesto is more important than ever and the spirit from which it was developed is central to our culture ... and success. Every client, regardless of type or size, receives the same level of expertise and customer service. The longevity of our client relationships speaks to our commitment to service - now, for the next 25 years and beyond.