While all the websites Studio 5 builds are optimized for search engine results there is a need to take a proactive approach with search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure a consistent flow of traffic to your website. 

Spending $$$$ on Google Adwords and other online advertising? A carefully managed campaign can certainly be productive, but many people don't have the necessary time or insight to achieve these results, by testing and refining.

Good organic SEO can be built solidly over time and we can help with that. With 20+ years experience and expertise in that area our SEO specialists can create sustainable equity in your website content and ratings, for as little as $150 a month. Build traffic to your website.

If your BounceRate is over 50% there's something wrong. Don't waste $$$ on the wrong traffic, and make sure you are getting your message across when people hit your website. Quality v Quantity is always the key. Identifying and focusing on attracting the right visitors to your #website is crucial. Target your audience accurately and keep them with appropriate content.

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Our SEO approach promotes specific phrases of importance for your business and industry ensuring a high listing in all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, etc. Studio 5 researches the actual search phrases that are most effective, monitors them on a monthly basis to make adjustments as needed as well as the trends in your market area.

This information is summarized and shared with each client in a monthly SEO report which provides a snapshot of what is working, what needs to be enhanced, fluctuations in your search engine positions and overall traffic to your website. 

Studio 5 can provide SEO services for your website, regardless of where it was developed, which are contracted on a monthly basis. Executing a Studio 5 SEO program is the easiest way to ensure your website remains competitive on the web and receives the benefits of increased traffic and visibility.