app development

As the use of tablets, smartphones and wearable devices increases each day, there is a need to extend your brand and business beyond your website, to create customer experiences at every touch point.

Studio 5 creates custom cloud based software solutions and apps with functionality that can easily be used on different mobile devices with similar data and features.

rapid app movement

Understanding the need for quick implementation to meet the demands of “instant gratification” of which customers have become accustomed, Studio 5 utilizes rapid app development tools and frameworks, creating a mobile app solution to meet your project needs and can go to market quickly for customers to begin downloading and using.

However Studio 5 also understands success it is not just about the number of downloads but rather creating an enhanced experience for app users. A great user experience is critical to an app’s success so understanding and monitoring user behavior and releasing ongoing app improvements help create loyal users and customers. Studio 5 can assist in the development of the app as well as a marketing/development plan for releasing updates and other incentives to maintain user retention rates and loyalty.