For many, setting up an online shop can be daunting, time consuming and costly. Studio 5 has perfected this service by creating an e-commerce package that is easy to use, secure and you control.

The e-commerce package is a comprehensive website content management system (CMS), conceived, designed and developed to provide flexibility, modular to accommodate any product range with an user friendly interface CMS and word processing type text for entries.

creating repeat customers

Featuring three levels of pricing the e-commerce package enables you to offer online savings, discounts and wholesale pricing, including special offer codes for promotions for individual customers or for all customers. Options can be applied to products, sizes, colors, materials, etc., with pricing variations and product personalization where applicable. Studio 5 will assess your e-commerce needs to determine which of the three levels would be most effective for your business.

Whether you are a chain, a boutique shop or home based business our e-commerce package offers a number of solutions for your online store.