Over the last two decades Studio 5 has created websites for literally hundreds of different types of organizations and businesses. This diversity of experience coupled with advancement in technologies enables us to create a custom website specific to your business and effectively meet your marketing objectives.

one size does not fit all

While more and more people are tempted to use DIY website design templates such as Word Press, Square Space, etc., and hosting companies that are trying to be all things to all people, Studio 5 does not.

If you want to invest in a website that is customized to your brand, business and industry Studio 5 provides that level of quality and service for every client.

During the initial consultation, Studio 5 will discuss your specific requirements, goals and objectives for your website, intranet, extranet or other web based development projects. Depending upon the type of site or its complexity it may require a Content Management System (CMS), a proprietary system created by Studio 5 to put you in control of the administration of your site.

With literally decades of experience in design and programming combined with all Studio 5 team members, we can create a professionally designed site that is flexible and adaptable. Furthermore we can work with you to translate databases for web use, utilize data feeds from internal or external servers to provide up to date information and graphics and create media rich content including audio and video streaming. Other enhancements could include 360 photographs, 3D animation and much more.

More importantly Studio 5 would only provide these recommendations and enhancements if they strategically make sense for your business and your site.