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 Real Estate Website Design in Arizona

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arizona real estate website designE-STATEX is a specialized product developed in association with a number of realtors and real estate agencies over the last ten years or more. Because of the nature of the product it can be fully tailored to any requirements:

Whichever area you cover, e-statex can be tailored to your needs. Getting your business on the internet is often a daunting prospect with big costs and risks up front with the development of a website. The e-statex package is designed to enable you to take control and minimise the risks invovled, together with the costs. Whether you're running a multi offices or an independent realtor, e-statex offers a solution to encompass all aspects online. Ultimately its flexibility gives you the opportunity to mould the system to your needs rather than having to adapt your needs to an off the shelf system.

real estate web design, mobile friendly websitesIt's simple to use and the user friendly interface CMS (content management system) and a word processing type text entry facility allows huge flexibility to best display your product ranges. Customer liaison is maximised with new property launch facilities to notify your applicant base at the click of a button the moment the property comes available on the market. In addition customised newsletters can be emailed to relevant applicants offering a range of suitable properties.

putting you in control : with personal support on hand

The user friendly interface CMS (content management system) and a word processing type text entry facility allows huge flexibility to best display your product ranges and services. Customer liaison is maximised with product launch facilities to notify your customer base at the click of a button available from newsletter subscription functions. Website administrators are able to leverage their ability to manage their website. This product is a comprehensive website content management system, conceived, designed and developed over the years to offer reliability and flexibility, providing all the features you are most likely to require within a user friendly environment. It has been designed to be modular, thereby enabling its advanced set of content management functionality to be augmented by integrating other, more specialised features such as those required for e-commerce.

mobile friendly real estate websitemobile friendly

Mobile is critical for a real estate website presence. We’re already seeing people using smartphones for between 20-40% of all internet traffic and this trend is only going to increase. Millions of people are regularly visiting websites using their smartphones or tablet computers. The e-statex content management system powers both your website and the mobile version all managed from the same data.