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Integrated Checkout
Product Grouping
Pricing Variation
Product Personalisation
Options Costs
Product Variations
Email a Friend
Wish List
Price Comparison
Product Launching
Wholesale Pricing
Best Sellers
Special Offers
Related Products
Discount Vouchers
User Accounts
Secure Online Payment


Domain registration and hosting
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited web space
Unlimited product range
24/7 server backup support
CMS help line support

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Getting your business on the internet is often a daunting prospect with big costs and risks up front with the development of a website. This e-commerce package is designed to enable you to take control and minimise the risks involved, together with the costs. Whether you're a high street shop or mail order operation, e-commerce can work for you. Trading online needn't be difficult or risky.

e-commerce website designOur e-commerce package means that you can be up and running within weeks and with no large outlay. A simple to use system gives you full control over your product range and keeping your website up to date, with secure payment systems included and many other features. In the interests of keeping things simple - so is the cost. Initial set up fees start for as little as $1000, then a monthly fee of $50-100 per month so you know exactly where your overheads are at.

The e-commerce product is a comprehensive website content management system (CMS), conceived, designed and developed over the years to offer reliability and flexibility, providing all the features you are most likely to require within a user friendly environment.

It has been designed to be modular, thereby enabling its advanced set of content management functionality to be augmented by integrating other, more specialised, features as required for e-commerce. It's simple to use and never more complicated than your product range itself. The user friendly interface CMS and word processing type text entry facility allows flexibility to best display your product ranges.

Customer liaison is maximized with product launch facilities to notify your customer base at the click of a button. Experience has shown this can be very effective in boosting sales. The product versatility allows any number of variations, sizes, colours with added cost facilities if appropriate. On top of the core features of the content management system are advanced e-commerce functionality features.

online shopping systemThree levels of pricing allow you to offer online savings, discounts and wholesale pricing, including special offer codes for promotions for individual customers or across the board. Any number of options can be applied to products, sizes, colours, materials etc. with price variations where applicable. Products can even include personalisation. Product cross marketing can be easily facilitated using the 'relevant product' matching panel. The accounting and shopping system allows broadcasts to launch new products and ranges together with secure payment and payment portal integration.

Whether you're running a chain of stores, a small specialized shop or even working out of your back bedroom we can offer a number of solutions to help you get trading online.

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