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customized website design and maintenanceMore and more people are using templated website design from the likes of Word Press and alot of the hosting companies. Trying to be all things to all people has never really worked, so we don't. If you're looking for something which falls outside of the package products on offer we are always happy to discuss your specific requirements for your website, intranet, extranet or other web based development projects. It may just be a simple website, with or without content management. You may want a professional web design team to maintain your website to allow more flexibility. We are always happy to consider your needs and budget to provide the best solution for you.

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professional web development teamWorking closely with you and your material Studio 5 can create the perfect solution. Databases can be translated for web use, data feeds from internal or external servers can be used to provide up to date information and graphics.

Other media rich content can be including audio and video streaming can be used to further enhance your site and its impact including 3D animation and much more. Some such projects can also be utlised to provide CD/DVD for off line presentations and multimedia rich brochures or training material. Management and update fees can be determined for us to take care of any on going alterations.

While Macromedia/Adobe Flash is increasingly unpopular thanks to Apple, we're still big fans and very capable of utilising this format to great effect.